As a parent in the Steilacoom School District, it has been an amazing gift to watch my daughters learn and grow. Being able to volunteer throughout 17 years has shown me the importance of parent and community support. I love my community and want to continue to make sure parents have every opportunity to be a part of their child’s experience in school, just like my husband and I have been able to do for our children. Our school board should represent the Steilacoom, DuPont and island communities. I will do that by giving voice to other moms, dads and extended families supporting their children throughout our district. With my experience as a parent leader in our schools, I will bring a fresh understanding of the needs of our students, staff and the entire community.
The School Board serves the community by supporting the superintendent with advice based on input from the community which includes parents, teachers, school staff and students. I spent 17 years leading parent involvement in our school community working with staff, faculty, and administration to create opportunities for parents to have a voice in their child’s school experience. I hope to spend the next 4 years doing the same as your board member.


The Steilacoom Historical School #1 Director Position No. 3

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